Re: Why did I pay all that money to wind up with Vista?

Mike Hall - MVP wrote:
"Enough of Vista" wrote:

I cannot believe what a mess your operating system is. I can't even
open attachments received in my emails because your silly system is
so poorly designed. I think it may be time to scrap my new HP system
and go out an buy
a real computer from Apple. If Bill Gates had to compensate Windows
users for
all the time wasted dealing with his damned OSs, he would for sure
not be the
world's richest man, and deservedly so. I'm fed up.

It could be your anti-virus solution which is preventing attachments
from being opened.

AV programs are not a part of the game with the IE8-WinMail bug.

Does the same apply to all attachments or is it specific to certain

In its basic variation the bug affects *all* kinds of file types.
The problem can be reduced to JPG and TXT files by editing the shortcut
used for launching WinMail.
But when a system is affected, the bug will certainly be appearing with
the latter types if attachments.

P.S. We have been suffering from this most serious bug for many months
(since IE8 appeared) - without any reaction from the side of MS
Would you as an MVP see any channels for making MS aware of the