There are no plugins for Windows Mail. Microsoft has all but abandoned
Windows Mail in favor of the newer Windows Live Mail.

There is no way to schedule an automatic delay between you checking
your email and your secretary checking your email. You would have to work
out some sort of manual schedule.

Messages can be kept available on the server for a while:
Go to Tools, Accounts, select your mail account, Properties, Advanced,
select "Leave a copy of messages on server." You may also want to
select one or both of the two associated 'remove' options.

Repeat the "Leave a copy..." procedure on all computers checking the
same mail account.
Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

"T3" <T3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:02F8974C-8F7C-4D7C-815F-BF9EA0E070F2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you for the prompt response. Since that capability fails to exist, is
there a plugin I can add to work around as well? And if there isn't, my
alternative route was to give her access to my email, however I need to know
the option to send/receive mail on my desktop inbox and 5 minutes later on
send/receive on her desktop getting the duplicate mail. I hope that did not
sound confusing.

Because I know that when I open transmission on my desktop, I will not be
able to get the same mail later if I were mobile on my laptop. Is there an
option to keep mail on server at for a certain amount of time so her and I
can retrieve the same mail if at all eventually?

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

What you are describing is a Resend function. Windows Mail doesn't
have that capability. I understand that Outlook does have it.

The only workaround for Windows Mail is to have your secretary
download your office email directly to her computer.

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

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I receive a lot of emails throughout the day, I've set up a message rule for
mails so they get auto forwarded to my secretary so she can respond to them.
This is where the problem starts....

The emails that get forwarded to my secretary only shows that they were sent
from me, the original senders emails are nowhere on the email. So all of the
emails that get auto-forwarded all end up saying they are from me and not
from any of the original senders. So there is no point of her replying since
it will end up back in my inbox. Is there a way to fix this? I need an
option or a solution for WINDOWS MAIL to place the original sender in my
forwarded emails. Is there a checkbox I neglected to click or is the problem
not fixable?

I am quite computer savvy, however I seem limited on options and solutions,
I need her to be able to respond to a number of my emails when I am not