Re: MIDI Files Don't Play in Windows Mail

Very often the volume gets set to a very low number (-9640 or somesuch). Compose a new HTML message and then go to Insert | Background | Sound. Then insert the midi. Then, prior to sending the message, go to View | Source Edit and then click on the Source tab at the bottom. Then look through the source and look for <BGSOUND volume=-9640 src="mymidi.mid"> and change the volume to zero (the maximum). See if that works then. If it does, then go to Control Panel | Sounds and find out which device is muted or has its volume control set to zero and then fix that and in the future the midi should work.


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I've read and tried several solutions after Googling this problem. I
thought I'd post here. Windows Mail will either 1) not allow MIDI
files to be inserted into a new message, or 2) not allow MIDI files to
be PLAYED. I don't know which it is. If anyone can tell me why, I'd
appreciate hearing. Thanks.