Re: Cant receive mail from inside Microsoft Mail

"PA Bear [MS MVP]" wrote:

Post the complete error message...

....or start here:

Jack at home wrote:
When I open Vista Mail, it receives messages that were emailed to me. But
when I click the Send/Receive button from inside Mail, I get an error
message saying Check for new messages was not completed successfully.
Anyone have any ideas?

PA Bear - There is no error message. Rather, there is a window which pops up entitled Windows Mail and it says "Some errors occurred while processing the requested tasks. Please review the errors listed below for more details." There are three buttons which appear to the right which are "Hide", "Stop" (which is greyed out) and "<<Details". There are two tabs in this window, "Tasks" and "Errors". Click the "Errors" tab and nothing appears in the window. Click the "Tasks" tab and the text in the window says "check for messages on xxxxxx".
At the very bottom of the window it says " 0 for 1 tasks have completed
Sny ideas?