Re: Heres an odd one

Hello TPR,

This will help show you how to fix this stuck undeletable email message
problem in Windows Mail for all folders.

Installing the KB941090 update will just fix the problem for now. You
must stop the cause to prevent it from happening again. Read the section
titled "FIRST" in this tutorial about antivirus and other security
programs to help prevent this from happening again, then install the
KB941090 Microsoft Update in the section titled "SECOND" to fix and be
able to delete the stuck message from the problem folder.

If this does not help, then give the manual way a try.

'Windows Mail problems'

Hope this helps,
tpr;862466 Wrote:
Under the Local Folders pane, my Outbox folder appears to be empty as
is nothing showing waiting to be sent. My email service was down for a
couple of minutes this morning and I had an email waiting to be sent. I
opened the Outbox folder and found a reply to a newsgroup post that I
thought had been sent. It's a 1KB plain text reply. When I tried to
it to see what it was about an error message popped up stating "the
could not be displayed, and the following reason:
"Windows Mail encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this
message. Check your computer for low memory or low disk space and try

Next I tried to delete the message and got a popup stating "An unknown
has occurred". Another popup appears with a colored bar across it and
words "Deleting messages" on it. There is a light shadow moving across
bar which I guess is supposed to indicate some sort of action is
Nothing happens though and I eventually just close the popup.

Next I tried to drag and drop it into the Deleted folder and again got
popup stating "An unknown error has occurred" followed by another popup
stating "The selected message(s) could not be moved. An unknown error

What's up with the message? I can't open it, move it, send it or delete

I have the same problem in recieved mail. My system tells me that it is
corrupt. when closing the "not enough memory or space" page, I get a
glimpse of a dark background with a skull and crossbones. I also can
delete this e-mail.


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