Re: error 0x8004005 cant receive or send

Dave, I got it changed back to port 110 and not secure. same error message!
An unknown error has occurred. Account: '', Server:
'', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number:
0x80004005 I have not checked secure! That first link did not work for cox
support I might try and copying it and pasting it. If I cannot get my cox
mail to windows mail I do not know how windows live works or if I could get
it to them and I think that is a monthly charge to use their service from
reading their agreement. Thanks for all your help I have been using outlook
express since 1999 and windows mail for 1 year so you could understand my
FRUSTRATION with this. I believe I have tried EVERYTHING all the posters have
told me to do in this thread. not sure if I tried the safe mode though. there
is a site I saw here is the link
-- I appreciate all of your help Sincerely,

"Dave" wrote:

Is "" a typo? It should be "".
And why are you using port 995 and SSL? I don't see on Cox's help where
they offer anything besides the standard ports 110 for POP3 (incoming) and
25 for SMTP (outgoing). And you must be connected to Cox in order to use
their SMTP server.

Vista Home Premium 32 SP1

"robert" <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Well still a no go. I used the Norton uninstall. I have disabled Windows
Defender since I cannot delete that program or any updates associated with
it. I removed my account from windows mail and then redid it and hmmm I
I did most all of the stuff that both Gary's suggested i still get the
error as always. An unknown error has occurred. Account:
Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Yes,
Error Number: 0x80004005 I cannot figure what next to do~I think I have
tried all the suggestions except not got any antivirus software
installed. I
sorta am at a loss:(:( Thanks guys 4 your help and suggestions,I am gonna
back and re-read to make sure I did all of what you said.

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

I would not install Webroot Spy Sweeper until you get all your email
issues squared away. It will just complicate the troubleshooting effort
at this point. Go ahead and carry out all the suggestions that
gave you. Deleting an email account in Windows Mail will not delete
any emails. Don't do the total restore to factory settings that HP is
recommending. That is their cheap & easy way out of any time-consuming
support issues.

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

"robert" <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Holy jeepers Batman~I am getting so many different suggestions it is
my head spin:) I will need a break from this for a bit b4 I go into
and do something incorrectly and suffer the conscequences. I deleted
trial version of Norton 9 months ago. I am gonna ck and see if I got
desktop or SMS desktop. when I type in start search Act! the favorites
up and properties are taskbar and start menu. I am gonna have to fiddle
this for a bit, cause HP wants me to do a total factory resetting which
is alot of work and backup and hassle especially with a router and
and all that entails! Thanks 4 your help my brain is fried just trying
this and thinking of it. I do have a copy of webroot Spy Sweeper I
bought at
the time and never installed it, I wonder if that would be an ok one?
it says
it is windows vista ready. Thanks again!!!!

"robertmiles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" wrote:

For Norton antivirus programs, even free trial versions, just
is often not enough to stop them from causing problems in Windows
You often then have to run this cleanup program to finish removing


You may then need to remove your email account under Windows Mail,
then restart Windows Mail and add the account again. Most people have
problem with losing their old messages due to this, but I'll leave it
Gary to
suggest how to back up your old messages if you feel a need to do


It's the Google Toolbar program that causes problems in Windows Mail,
not web pages that let you do a Google search, so your main
page is not a problem. Also check your list of installed programs for
Google Desktop and SMS Desktop, two more programs that cause
problems in Windows Mail, and if you find any of these three programs
there, uninstall them.

If this solves your problems, you may want a replacement antivirus
that doesn't cause such problems in Windows Mail. Avoid using one
Norton, McAfee, or Trend, the three brands that cause the most
in Windows Mail. Also, avoid having more than one antivirus program
installed at a time. I recommend either avast! or AVG, either one
with a
custom install where you tell it to leave out the parts that scan

If that doesn't solve your problem, check if it changes any part of
your error message. If it does, right click on your error message
and copy all of it to your next message.

Another Robert

"robert" <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Gary, it says Malware protection virus protection not found only the
defender is on and the Windows firewall is on. I did get a trial
Norton on here and it ran out so I uninstalled it after it ran out
in 90
days? I do have google in my main page but not in my
toolbar. I
around 2000 emails in there with family pics and letters and
bills paid. I did see the page that goes through all the backing up
and all. I would not know exactly where to begin to just delete an
and , I do have all my pop server numbers and such, but it seems to
to that stupid error. I hate that this happened after a year on
and all was so well with it~I think it was that defender update that
unremovable or smart data or something I have even went back and
to June 15 and no go. I did get my router working again~what a mess!
for your help I really appreciate it alot. I still have to figure
out what
do cause I do not want to lose those emails! my isp is quite over me

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

So, are you saying you have no antivirus at all?
Didn't the computer come with a trial version of Norton or McAfee
it was new? Any anti-spyware programs?
Are you using the Google Toolbar?

As a possible quick fix, try this. Delete that email account,
Windows Mail, then recreate the account. Sometimes accounts get
corrupted for no apparent reason.

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

"robert" <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I just have the windows firewall that came with this hp slimline
also the Windows defender, which when I did an update on the 11th
this all happened and it says that that particular update is non
wireless router I finally got reset and working. I have called my
times and they said that microsoft has to release something to
a code
or something~which I never heard of such a thing! Thanks, I see
help alot
of people on here~this has me miffed and I have searched the
and all
forums and it is NeRve~r~aCkiN~G

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

"Unknown error" is almost always caused by your antivirus
Several major brand antivirus programs are not fully compatible
Windows Mail, although it may take some time before problems
showing up. Which antivirus is it?

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

"robert" <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have had windows vista for a year and as of the 11th of July
access it and I can get mail from my isp server, I have tried
cmd in
search field sfc /scannow and it says ok. here is the message
error has occurred. Account: ' ', Server:
Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number:
any and
ALL replies would be certainly appreciated, this is making me
whacko! Thanks!


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