Re: How to reinstall Vista from Recovery Drive

Hi, I have tried contacting DELL Support and to date they have been next to
useless. Speaking to someone in some far off country who can barely speak
English.. to be told on three seperate days... we have technical problems and
cannot help - phone back... they also offer website technical help "but not
available in your area" ... like the UK is some outlandish place...

very frustrated...

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"Geminineil" <Geminineil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, I have the problem with Vista where Updates are downloaded but then
not install etc. I do NOT have a Vista CD as Vista was preinstalled on a
540 Desktop. I do have the OEM number as shown in system files. I want to
able to reinstall Vista and hope that will fix the problem - but I don't
to have to reinstall any programs or lose any files already on the
Can anyone advise how to re-install Vista from the Recovery Drive or
elesehwre on my computer?
Thanks. Neil

Have you tried contacting Dell tech support? If you've lost your
instructions for restoring from your recovery drive, they should be able to
help you.