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I couldn't find a Windows 7 group, so I thought it appropriate to post my question here.

I installed Windows 7 on an iMac in a Virtual Engine using Paralles Desktop 5. I decided to install it using a Disk Partition instead, so I sent Windows to the trashcan ( I couldn't find a method to uninstall it) and unistalled Paralles. Using a program on the Mac called Bootcamp, I set up the particion and reinstalled Windows 7. Now I am getting a message that the Product Key I entered can't be used on that machine. I understand why, I think, because the hard drive name changed. Should I have deactivated Windows before reinstalling, and can I still do it? The Help shows that it can after installing a new hard drive or memory, but the system doesn't let me.

Thanks for any help and God Bless,

Mark A. Sam

Although your immediate issue has been solved, you should be aware that support for Windows 7 is provided in Microsoft web forums only. There are no Microsoft public newsgroups for Windows 7. Here are the web forums: