Re: Installing second copy of Vista hangs

There is also a typo in the last sentence of my post.
I meant to say that the Vista License does NOT support two installations in different partitions on the same drive.
Win7 is more stringent on making sure that you are in fact upgrading or replacing an existing installation.

"Andrew Murray" <admurray.antispam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:ulkfmlzyKHA.5332@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I beg to differ on this issue, and "Curious" is right; you can't continue using the O/S you're upgrading from, whether as a dual boot and certainly not on a different PC. You would need to use the "full" edition licence rather than upgrade to do the dual boot setup as described.

As far as I'm aware, that's always been the case for any 'upgrade' edition of software where you're upgrading to a newer version of a product . In most cases you wouldn't go on using the earlier version of say MS Office or Adobe Photoshop etc, you'd probably install over the top of the existing installation, or uninstall the old version, install the new and place the CD in the drive when it asks for it (and this check is usually done); it shouldn't be any different for operating system upgrades.

"Andy" <N@xxxxx> wrote in message news:#ryVInxyKHA.4492@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Not true you can install it on any drive on the same computer as the windows vista resides on.
and dual boot it each os has its own COA and can be used as a dual boot machine.

"Curious" <nobody@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uMXu6UqyKHA.5040@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You should be aware that the Win7 upgrade license allows you to upgrade(replace) one previous Vista or XP installation and therefore it is not legal to dual boot it with a version you are upgrading from. This is with the win7 upgrade you are normally allowed only to install it in the partition you that contains the release you are upgrading from. It it is also true that your Vista license is only for one installation of Vista and does legally support two copies of it to be installed on the same disk in different partitions,

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I have already been told that I can install my Windows 7 upgrade into a
separate partition rather than in the partition where I have Windows
Vista, so this post can be ignored.