Re: Boot manager problem. Very annoying.

Hi, Alan.

You're welcome, of course. Glad you got it solved - and thanks for the feedback. ;<)

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Vista does not use Boot.ini at all - except when "previous version of
Windows" is chosen from the OS menu. It also does not use NTLDR or
NTDETECT.COM. All 3 of these files can be deleted from your System
Partition (typically Drive C:, but not always).

G in my case. Deleting boot.ini solved the issue. I have now
searched for NTLDR and NTDETECT but they are not present on
this mc.

I assume that you also have
already deleted WinXP's entire \Windows folder tree, since that also is now

Many moons ago, but this installation setup option never
appeared until recently.

Since you are familiar with bcdedit.exe, you can use it to remove the entire
entry for "Windows Legacy OS Loader" from the BCD.

I'm a lot more familiar now. I didn't know anything about it
yesterday morning.

Thank you, and Rick, for the help.

Alan LeHun