Re: Registry repair deleted startup

Ricka1130 wrote:
I did a registry repair on my acer aspire 5335 laptop before I
could look at the files before deleting my laptop restarted
automatically I went to turn it on and the screen came up saying
launch startup repair or start windows normally after choosing both
options the screen comes up with a message saying windows failed to
start insert windows installation disc and only those two screens
back and fourth it doesnt go any where else I didnt have the cds so
I ordered them from acer inserted them pressed f10 like instructed
and same screens with same messages back and fourth with the same
two screens with or without cds can someone please help me

I tried to comprehend that - but there was no breaks, no indication of when
things changed/train of thoughts wandered. Punctuation actually *is*
useful, I suppose.

With *what* were you attempting to do a 'registry repair' and whom gave you
the advice that this would fix whatever issue you were having?

Sounds like you are trying to restore the system to how it was the day you
purchased it (with the restoration media you ordered from Acer) - they
should be able to assist you with this. Have you contacted Acer about how
to utilize the CDs to start over?

By the way - how current were your backups? How much will you be losing?
(Curiosity question.)

Shenan Stanley
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


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