Re: Setting the System Up for Permanent Screen Visibility

I can think of three other possible situation that causes this:

1) Have you left the "Put Computer to Sleep" option on?

2) Make sure your screen saver is not set to "blank screen" (or any screensaver for that matter)

3) Check for any third-party power management utility - often included in laptops from Dell, HP, Acer etc and make sure they are not set to turn the computer to sleep/hibernate etc

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Hi all
We use a Vista system to display the running results in our bridge club on a web page. The system has two screens,, one showing the control page for the bridge results system, the other showing the running results for the event as a web page.

In the power settings if have selected "Never" against turn off the display. In spite of that the both screens are blacked out for long periods in spite of the fact that the results software is polling a wireless server every minute and updating the control screen and simultaneously refreshing the results screen

I would be grateful if some one could help me by advising me what other set up features I have to examine to ensure that the two screens are never blacked out

Roger Stenson