Re: Installled additional hard drive, now Vista says ...Evaluation

Thanks for the reply. I did the bcdedit and it returned a message that it
had completed the action or something. But I still have the Evaluation Copy

I am just guessing, but I think Windows "saw" that I had Vista installed on
two hard drives for a couple days and put the Evaluation Copy on one of them.

I am now running Vista on only one hard drive. I formatted the original
hard drive and am using it for extra storage.

Any other ideas?


"Leroy" wrote:

This can be caused if test-sign mode is started.

To disable test-signing, use the following BCDEdit command:

1. Type CMD in Vista's Search box and when the CMD icon appears,
right-click on it and select "Run as administrator".

2. Then type (or copy & paste): Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF

Note: After you change the TESTSIGNING boot configuration option,
restart the computer for the change to take effect.

Terry wrote:
I recently added 2 gig memory, a new processor and a new hard drive (C) to my
Dell XPS 420.

I used my "(Dell) Reinstallation DVD" to install Vista to the new hard drive
which is now C:. The original Vista is still on the old hard drive (E:).

FWIW, during the new HD install I sometimes booted the PC from the new drive
and the old drive.

At some point, Vista put that "Evaluation copy" at the bottom right of the
screen. Also, again at some point, Vista asked me to validate, which I did
without any problems.

Anyway, my question is how to make the ...Evaluation copy... notice go away?

Many thanks,