Re: Vist activation key


I did manage to get a key of MS. The phone experience was horrendous and
about 20 minutes or so as I went from automated menu to menu. Eventually I
had to
let a dalek demand that I enter the hash key and the activation number half
a dozen
tinmes before transferring me to someone in India. There a couple of people
sorted it out
very quickly before suggesting I have a "brillaint day" which to be honest
I am not expecting to come true.
All they needed was the OEM code on the recovery disk

Thanks for help


"Andrew Murray" <admurray.antispam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I missed the part about the company going under.

I suppose you can purchase another OEM copy from any supplier - along with
a hardware purchase as mentioned below, unless MS can help, I don't know.

In Australia, OEM Windows is usually only supplied with New PC's - in the
US or elsewhere this might be different.

"Andrew Murray" <admurray.antispam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
That's a good one: "My Dog ate my Product Key".

I suggest you contact the computer supplier you purchased from - since
they supply the OEM Windows disk/product key; you will need your
receipt/proof of purchase handy.

Perhaps you can get another OEM copy (with new key) - for a nominal
charge fee I would assume and not perhaps without a hardware purchase
because OEM Windows should only be supplier with a new computer (usually)
or other significant hardware purchase (motherboard / processor, hard
drive etc).

"Jonathan Crawford" <jc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have a Vista machine I bought from Evesham a couple ago years ago.
They have since gone bust. My Jack Russell, when he was a puppy used to
sit on the top of the pc and one day chewed off the activation code.

I had to reinstall vista from the disk supplied by evesham last month
and it is now asking for the activation code. I was wondering if there
is anyway i can get hold of this.

Kind regards