Re: Vist activation key

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The link posted will not help as its an oem version, MS does not support oem versions.
You are basically screwed, you should have used a key finder before you reinstalled

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I have a Vista machine I bought from Evesham a couple ago years ago.
They have since gone bust. My Jack Russell, when he was a puppy used to
sit on the top of the pc and one day chewed off the activation code.

I had to reinstall vista from the disk supplied by evesham last month
and it is now asking for the activation code. I was wondering if there
is anyway i can get hold of this.

Kind regards


DL, I think you may be wrong on this one. MS will support some OEM systems if the OEM is no longer in business as the link that Rick gave states about 1/2 way down the page. The OP said that the company is not in business any longer.