Re: recovery files

There is a program called CCLEANER that lets you
remove individual restore points among other things
its is quite safe but I would suggest not running the
registry cleaner part of it

try Googling for it. It is a free download


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Curious wrote:
You are confusing the recovery partition files which your PC manufacturer provides with the original system so that you can rebuild the entire OS with the Restore Points which the OS provides so you can back up to a previous date/time.

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Vista Home Premium
I wanted to deleted the older recovery files,
but found that I could delete all or nothing.
?Q: Is there a way to selectively delete
recovery points files?

Let me see if I can word this correctly...
I thought I could selectively remove restore points.
I am certain that I have done this, but I cannot remember
how long ago I did this.
I just discovered that I can remove all or nothing.
Am I on the wrong screen?

Restore points might be (almost) a red herring. I would
like the answer to selective removal of restore points,
but the real problem is: something is filling my hard drive.
When I first started using my new Vista Home Premium,
my total disk usage was about 11GB. Now C:\Windows
takes 22GB while c:\users\cmcnuz takes about 2.5GB.