Can I use Vista Home Premium OEM Licence with full copy?

I have a laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium pre installed and a
Recovery CD-ROM. I may be missing something but, as far as I can tell,
the Restore CD never gives me the option to repair my install of Vista
and only gives me the option to do a full install.

If a quick repair would fix only one or two files that are corrupt, a
full reinstall is frustratingly and time consumingly unnecessary.

My questions are:
1 Can I use a CD-ROM with a full version of Vista Home Premium on it
to do a Windows Repair on my OEM laptop?

2 If it asks me for a licence number, would it accept my laptop OEM
licence and would this be lawful?

3 If the above answers are NO, how do I do a repair without doing a
full recovery/install?



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