Re: 32bit vs 64bit

Completely depends on what you use your machine for:

Typical word processing, e-mail and a few games: stay with x86.
Video editing, rendering, large database manipulations or strong number
crunching: move to x64
Like to fiddle around: move to x64
If you only use 32-bit applications, stick with x86. (There is a slight
overhead in processing 32-bit on a 64-bit system.)

x64 is stable, actually maybe a little more stable since all drivers have to
be signed,
allows you to use more than 4GB of memory (which means less paging, if
that's happening now.)
but there are still a few devices (not many) that are not supported.

I went x64 when Vista came out and have never looked back.

"Badger" <jerrymcm@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
What's the advantage of using 64bit on my machine instead of 32bit?