Re: Vista Easy File Transfer and Windows 7 Upgrade

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I used Easy Transfer when I installed Win7 RC1 and it worked for all of my files. It does not however transfer any registry settings so all applications have to be reinstalled.

I have all my key files on another drive, D:\User\Tom and I changed the location
of their icons (Contacts, Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Favorites, Links, Music,
Pictures, Saved Games, Searches and Videos) to point to the new drive's User\Tom
(and D:\User\Paula for my wife's icons). Then I save the Registry location for my message
rules (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Rules).
I've clean installed Windows 7 this way. After the install, I just change the
locations of my personal icons back to the new drive, reinstall my apps (which I'd
have to do with WET anyway), run the message rules .reg file and I'm good to go.
This way, I don't have to mess with WET. All my settings are backed up in real-time.

Tom Lake


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