Re: Vista Easy File Transfer and Windows 7 Upgrade

I used Easy Transfer when I installed Win7 RC1 and it worked for all of my files. It does not however transfer any registry settings so all applications have to be reinstalled.

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Help me think this through.
If I decide to upgrade to Win 7 and do a clean install, could I use
Easy File Transfer to retain my Outlook, Web Settings and Files?

I have two internal hard drives, not raid, and an external eSATA drive.
All 3 are the same size, 500GB. So I think I have the resources, I just
don't want to lose data, favorites, contacts, files or emails.

Having never used Easy File Transfer, how should I proceed?
Store my easy transfere to my second HD "D", format C, install Win 7?

I guess I need to buy a version of Win 7 that will read my Vista Easy
File backup...duh... Is Win 7 Pro able to read Vista Easy File

I have two accounts on this computer, mine and my wife's, so there
another issue too.

Suggestions welcomed.