Re: Memory Management blue screen error

No it would not hurt and you don't want to install a second memory stick unless it is exactly the same part number as the first one otherwise you will not have a matched pair. And even then it may cause a problem since they were not purchased together.

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That could be the problem then. I have a (DDR2) 2GB RAM I installed
myself and a 512 MB RAM from the factory. Because I don't have the
other factory 512 RAM card anymore, would it hurt to use the 2GB card
and have the second ram slot empty until I can buy another?

Curious;1075550 Wrote:
What is the configuration of you 2.5GB of RAM?
Vista does not like RAM that does not all operate at the same speed.
when using DDR2 RAM you should only use a matched set of 1GB RAM to get
I suggest that you consider downgrading to to 2GB.