Re: MAK Error

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I'm looking to upgrade to Vista Ultimate. We received the DVD and have
attempted installation in three different computers. All fail with:

?Windows installation has encountered an error and needs to be restarted.?

This occurs after the MAK key is entered; so that is one hurdle cleared.
is allowing upgrade from OEM WinXPP.

Is there something else I should be doing to get the installation to work
properly. Thanks in advance.

MAK keys are volume license product keys.
Windows Ultimate is not available as a volume License SKU, so the MAK keys
are not expected to work with Windows Vista Ultimate.

Correct, but it's a bit more complicated than that.

Microsoft, for reasons unknown to mere mortals, does offer Ultimate to its
volume customers but refuses to provide the product in a configuration that
accepts a MAK, or that responds to a KMS. Volume customers who want to
install Ultimate must get a single-use product key from their VAR, then go
through the same rigamarole as retail customers to activate it, with the
usual hassles when the hardware is changed and Microsoft's Gen-you-wine
Windoze tool declares that you're no longer runninng a legal product.

You (the OP) need to talk to whoever in your organization is responsible for
licensing to find out how to obtain the necessary product ID.

Joe Morris