Re: hp pavillion desktop xp/vista?

Youve got a hardware problem (hard drive maybe), or memory problem
The HD maker has a free bootable disk checking utility and
feature a bootable memory checker

"eggyineggsile" <eggyineggsile.3uaurb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

NTLDR is the boot loader in WinXP and not in Vista, and this is
a Vista newsgroup, and your subject line suggests that you dual-boot
WinXp and Vista. Backup and tell us what OS(s) you have and how
many partitions are on the disk and which ones are Primary and which
one of those are set "active" (seen in Disk Management).


Hi Tim

I didn't realize it was a vista group, someone else started the thread
with "xp/vista" in the subject. I don't dual boot.

I am running XP Home. there are 2 partitions on the drive, I'm not too
sure what you mean by primary and active but, C: is the drive that the
Windows runs on, I would assume here that this is the "active" but I will
let you tell me that.

D: is the other which is the Recovery partition, this is only for making
either a destructive recovery which should leave the system as it was when
bought, or a non-destructive recovery which leaves all your documents and
files intact. The latter I tried after I booted up and got the NTLDR is
missing error.

This failed therefore I tried to do a clean install from disc which I
have used once before and didn't have a problem doing so.

I am by no means an expert but I consider myself to manage reasonably
well when trying to solve any problems I have but this one has left me

I have tried a XP boot disc which I downloaded and burnt on my partners
PC, this also failed. I have also downloaded and burnt a ISO image for the
NTLDR which also failed.

Another thing I have noticed is that both of my rom drives don't seem to
recognise when a disc has been put in, I have had to use a USB external
Rom drive but when my problem first started a couple of weeks ago I tried
to install Linux, this wouldn't download but it did let me use it live in
one of the Rom's but Linux live isn't really suitable for my needs.

I should point out that on the night before the problem, I didn't
download anything or add any new programs etc. It came completely out of
the blue.

Someone has suggested that it is a HD failure.

P.S. How do I get to Disk Management?


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