Re: hp pavillion desktop xp/vista?

Hi All

Sorry for hijacking this thred, I've been looking for a way to start a
new thread but can't?

I have a HP Pavilion t3000/ desktop which I have had from new
for about 4 years.

In the past when I have had problems that couldn't be fixed easily I
have been able to do a clean install from the recovery partition, or
from the disks HP sent me after the recovery partition failed and the
recovery discs you burn yourself failed.

I have used both methods without any major problems and all has been
fine, however, a couple of weeks ago after using my PC the night before
without problems, I booted it up and it said the NTLDR was missing and
it wouldn't go any further.

After trying other methods of sorting this out, I resorted to using the
System Recovery partition to do a clean install of the OS, my joy was
short lived when it stopped partway through and after that it totally
refused to go past the initial screen of the process, almost as if the
partition was still there, but empty!

My next move was to do a clean install from the HP discs that worked
fine the last time they were used, but my problem now is that it is
getting around 90% of the way through, then I am getting error messages
saying "cannot copy file x:\windows\i386\12520437.CP_!"

I have 2 options here, Retry or Ignore, Retry makes absolutely no
difference, if I ignore, there are hundreds of other files that it can't
copy either.

If I ignore all these that it cannot copy I end up back where I started
with the message "NTLDR is missing"

I am stuck now at 91% complete of recovery (Im sat by it on my
daughters laptop and can try things on there while I am on the laptop).
Any help from here would be greatly appreciated, if anyone has any idea
what I should do, or if its a case of the disc has become damaged, (it
shouldn't be) as its always been kept in a CD case.

I will await a response, thanks in advance for any help offered!!!

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