Re: Vista SP2 RC will not uninstall

luser2 wrote:
Hi, I have tried all the official and miscrosoft published instructions
on uninstalling SP2 Release Candidate for Vista Ultimate (in my case 32
bit). I have tried with tech support. So I have really gone the extra

I have very compelling reasons to not perform a new installation
because of lost set up programs and keys which are essential to my
business. I do have backups which go back before the SP2 installation
(Release candidate). Is there no way or does anyone have knowlege of
maybe just the directories or files I would need to reinstall; to
uninstall RC 2 for Vista ?

Is there any automated tool ? Any suggestions ?

Much appreciated for any help, in advance.


I also had this problem recently because my new computer had been installed (by me) from scratch with the SP2 RC.

I solved it by performing an "Upgrade" installation.

All of my data was retained.
The vast majority of my programs still worked but there were some problems with my HP Printer and scanner.

The most annoying thing was that my desktop customisations disappeared and I had to recreate them manually.

As to the programs and devices which did not work, I just reinstalled them.

Unfortunately I did not take a note of the failing programs and devices so cannot be more specific.