Re: Vista hanging on install


I've run into scenarios where disabling fireware ports was necessary to get through an install. Disable anything not critical to installation, and make sure you are not overclocked and that all timings are set to defaults.

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"Takk" <Takk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:9CBF4C21-2232-41A7-A252-B8785BB17277@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm having a bit of trouble getting Vista to install. I just setup a custom
build (far from my first, no issues there). Looking to get Vista installed
on a computer with:
i7 Processor
12gigs DDR3 triple channel memory
2 500 gig HDDs in RAID 0

Now, I haven't had any luck with that so far. I downloaded my copy from
MSDN (and reburned several times, at slow speeds - no luck). All it does is
get just into the setup, hits Expanding files, and sits at 0% either
indefinitely, or until it restarts itself and complains it can't boot.

I have also tried to remove my RAID and use just a single SATA HDD, nothing.
Tried to remove most memory - nothing. Tried to disable the advanced
processor functions in the BIOS (speedstep, etc) - nothing. As mentioned
above, I have also tried various discs, versions, and DVD drives (IDE btw -
and Vista Ultimate).

Any ideas? I'm fresh out.

Thank you!