Stop : 0x0000003b System Service Exception

Hello I just did a clean install of windows vista x64 and the only thing
i had installed was firefox, my linksys adapter and kaspersky.
Afterwards I got a BSOD with the subject line. I had this problem
constantly previously which made me preform a clean install hoping I
could isolate or even rid myself of the problem. I have test my ram I
have 6gb but Vista only recognized 2gb after install. I ran memtest on
each (2gb) stick individually and everything turned out okay. Should I
run on 2gbs of ram and do another clean install of vista? I believe last
time I did I had to run on 2gb install then download an MS hotfix to get
Vista64 to read the other sticks. Also I have the video and sound card
fit into the motherboard but didn't install any drivers yet could that
be the reason for the crash? Other than that nothing else is in or


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