Re: after vista SP2 all shortcut icons changed

Ex_Brit;1069432 Wrote:
Not sure what the has to do with this instance but I have yet another
weird thing.

I just installed the new Intellitype and Intellipoint software for
Vista. In one of my Vista boots - no problems. In this one, all the IP
and ITP associated icons in the Start Menu/All programs and the desktop
shortcuts are totally blank,

I tried deleting the icon cache and rebooting, no difference.

I discovered that the installation of Nero 9 altered the default file
associations for many files types and even disassociated one altogether
(.icl). Once that was fixed, all went well.


Toronto, Canada
XP Pro SP3, Vista Ultimate SP2, Windows 7 RC
P4 HT @ 3.0ghz, 4gb DDR, 700gb HDD