Re: Setting Word 07 as default: problems

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98melvillej;960160 Wrote:
When I try to change word as the default problem my computer won't let
me. It has recommended programs: adobe reader, wordpad, works etc but no
word. So I browse find word, click on it and it goes back to the
previous place but word still not there. Same thing happens when i go
into the set associations section.

Any help would be greatly apprieciated.

I have the same problems. Word does not appear as an available program
to associate files with. Any help, please?


Hi mimi77--

Exactly how are you going about setting Word as a default program--I assume for docs? What is showing up as the default program?

Are you following these directions? If you are precisely what happens when you do? Won't it let you set word as your default program for docs?