Re: setting NIC display name with autounattend.xml


I have seen this, but it does not give an hint on who to rename a network
connection. I guess that's not working.

At least I can addresse the interface when I specify "Local Area
Connection", "Local Area Connection 2" and so forth.

I really hate the given MS example. it's useless and it's not working either.

but thanks any way.

"Zaphod Beeblebrox" wrote:

"Gunno" <Gunno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi there,

in earlier version of unattend it was easy to set the NIC setting.
Now with
WSIM, how can I set an NIC display name, to rename it from "Local
Network" to e.g. "Heartbeat".

Also how do I identify a NIC in autounattend.xml? I know that I can
use the
mac address. But I don't want to use mac addresses in the

any idea to both of these questions?

For setting the display name of the interface, it looks like the
Interface section of the Microsoft-Windows-TCPIP component might be
what you are after. I think you'll want to set it in the Specialize
phase. See for
more details.

For identifying the NIC, if you mean specifying which of multiple
NICs, I don't know, but see the note on, maybe
that will help.


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