Re: PC will not boot from CD or Floppy Drive

alexanderd wrote:

i wish everything was as easy as they say. Insert your windows vista CD
and go from there.
My problem is that my PC will neither boot from CD or Floppy Drive. i
would appreciate some help on how i can to rebuild the bootmgr? any help
you can give would be appreciated.

You haven't told us what happens when you try or what you've already done to
troubleshoot so all I can suggest is that perhaps you need to enter the
BIOS setup and set your computer to boot from the optical drive first. Some
computer BIOSes let you press a function key (F12 for example) to get a
temporary boot menu. Refer to your computer/motherboard manual for what
keys to press.

Accessing the BIOS

Additionally, please note that the Vista installation disk is a DVD, not a
CD. If your computer is an older one with only a CD-ROM, this would explain
why you can't boot from the Vista install disk. The floppy isn't going to
help anyway.

If you need more help, please provide more details about your system and
what you've already done.

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