Re: How to transfer image to a new drive

"Anna" <myname@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

One popular program to achieve this is the Acronis True Image program which
has both disk-imaging & disk-cloning capability. I assume you've heard of
this program. Acronis does have a trial version available so you might want
to try it out.

The program that we generally recommend for most PC users is the Casper 5
disk-cloning program. (It does not have disk-imaging capability).

And because of that, for most users' needs, it's crippleware. Besides
being less capable and less flexible than Acronis True Image, it also
costs more to buy the main program PLUS one has to spend an extra $10
to get the bootable CD.

To the OP: Anna is the main promoter of Casper in these groups, and
there might be one or two more who have said they use it. I am one of
those. Easily 99% of recommendations here are for Acronis True Image,
which means one thing: most people have never even heard of Casper and
don't use it.

I use if to cover a very special need/want that is not typically one
that most users might want/need. I like it, but if I had only one
backup program to choose, it would be Acronis True Image.

It's the hands-down winner when you compare what it can do to what
Casper can do.