Re: How to transfer image to a new drive

Acronis TrueImage HOME is the program that I use.

Create an image file (not clone) on the external drive. Then when you replace the main hard drive use TrueImage to recover that image to the new hard drive.

To do this you need to create the bootable CD using TrueImage HOME from within Windows.

To find out the precise steps and options- read the help manual as I did many years ago.


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Using VISTA Ultimate on an IBM T60p laptop. I am going to upgrade the hard drive from 100 to 320 GB. I have a 300GB SimpleTech external drive. I want to copy (image) the current hard drive to the SimpleTech, replace the hard drive and copy the image of from the SimpleTech back to the new drive.

1. Can this be done?
2. What software should one use?
3. Where would one find the steps necessary to do the imaging portion. (I can handle the hardware.)

Unrelated - why can't I make a post on the Microsoft website to this Newsgroup? Everytime I click New and choose Question I get a hand with a explosion symbol and nothing else?

Shane Devenshire