Re: Upgrade to Vista Ultimate Fails

ATTN: Frankster and Botox

FYI, the machine is an HP Pavillion a6130n.

I found the solution in KB946078. I had to turn off three specific Windows
-Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0/XPS Viewer
-Remote Differential Compression
-Windows DFS Replication Service
It took several minutes for the services to be turned off. Windows then
asked me to restart the computer. Afterwards, the upgrade completed
Finally, I turned on those services again.

Thanks for your responses.

"botox" wrote:

The simple stuff:
Presumably you have a motherboard with one of the many standard BIOS
types/Chipsets that is recognized by Vista you can try the reinstall after
you have unplugged all USB devices (except mouse/keyboard) and see if that
will help.
At times the installation process will halt and ask you for the disk that
has your motherboard drivers: this should not be an issue if you have a mass
market box rather than a hand built machine, but it could be that the
installation disc lacks the appropriate drivers.
I am not sure why you want Vista Ultimate. It is cheaper to get a fax
program if that is what you need, otherwise there is little difference for
just about anyone between Home and Ultimate to justify any pricing
differential for the software.
If you really want an upgrade look into the Win 7 release candidate: once
you start using Win 7 it is difficult to go back to Vista.