Vista SP2 install broke my NIC drivers

I have the following incident logged with Mirosoft Tech Support who seem
incapable of giving me any technical support. Please can anyone help with

My Thinkpad T61 was installed with SP1 and was upto date in terms of
patches, and crucially was working fine.....

I installed SP2 (taking the download updates option), following the reboot
neither my onboard NIC nor my wireless adapter will start (small yellow
warning triangle in device manager). I have downloaded current drivers from
Leovo and Intel - doesn't work, I've removed devices and rebooted then
rescanned - doesn't work. I have installed an old 3COM PCCARD adapter - works
- but isn't the solution. This does prove that it's the drivers that are

My line manager had a similar setup (same laptop, same OS, same broken
device drivers) , he uninstalled SP2 and it all worked again. I'd rather not
have to uninstall the SP2 but if it's the only way... particularly if
Microsoft are dodging the issue...