Re: Wipe Home Premium 64 bit - reinstall XP

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It is a sata drive - the controller settings were on AHCI - I just
changed them to compatibility - saved it and then it comes up
with......."press any key to boot from CD --

Ah HA!!! now I get selections but none of them are to start XP from the
CD. I'm not real familiar working with partitions. What do I need to do

Restarted PC and now I get a blue screen that says WIndows setup and
it's loading files and it's listing the different files it's loading -
I'm assuming that is' loading from the disk as it booted from the CD and
I hear it running as the setup is loading files.

Now I get to the point that it's loading XP. I'm reformatting the
partition that is there. SInce I'm not real comfortable with partitions
not sure if that's the right selection but for better or worse that is
what I chose. SHould I have set up a new partition?

As I reread your last message you said to set up a new partition. If
this install fails, I'll set up a new partition.

So we'll see where it goes from here. Thanks for the assistance.

DL;1058275 Wrote:
Thats an inaccessible boot device (HD) did you during the process delete
partitions? then create a new one

Have you asertained whether its a sata drive and as such whether you
need to
modify the bios regarding sata driver controler settings (intel Sata
controler) if available

And when you say "to start downloading" do you mean it started writting
files to disk

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I did download some winXP drivers from the toshiba site. I got the XP
cd to start downloading then midway through I got a blue screen with

A problem has been detected and windows ahs been shut down to prevent
damage to your computer.

If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart
your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

CHeck for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard
drives or hard drive controllers. Check your hard drive to make sure
is properly configured and terminiated. Run CHKDSK /F to check for
harad drive corruption, and then restart your computer.

Technical information:


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PS; If you do get the winxp cd to boot then likely as not you have
drive, in which case you will either need to install sata
from floppy during the installation (F6 option) or ammend bios
the corect sata controller

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