Re: Wipe Home Premium 64 bit - reinstall XP

PS; If you do get the winxp cd to boot then likely as not you have a sata
drive, in which case you will either need to install sata controler drivers
from floppy during the installation (F6 option) or ammend bios settings for
the corect sata controller

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I did try that on a couple different PC's and it boots up like it's
suppose to. Now those PC's have XP on them already. But that told me
that the CD is working ok.

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My co-worker bought a new toshiba laptop with Vista Home Premium 64
It is not compatible with our remote access system which is why she
bought the pc to begin with. I tried to start the installation with
XP installation CD but it won't allow me to start the process. I
out how to wipe the HD but when it still won't boot from the XP CD. I
used the recovery disk to reinstall Vista HP 64 bit.

What am I missing here? It just will not boot from the XP CD. I went
out and changed the bios boot feature to boot from the CD drive and
still doesn't work.


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Have you tried to boot the XP CD on another computer?