Re: Wipe Home Premium 64 bit - reinstall XP

Prior to trying, have you checked Tosh site as to whether winxp drivers are
available for this Laptop? they may not be, which will give further
problems, and it maybe that any warranty will be invalidated, and of course
support if you install a none supported o/s

"slowpokey" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

My co-worker bought a new toshiba laptop with Vista Home Premium 64 bit.
It is not compatible with our remote access system which is why she
bought the pc to begin with. I tried to start the installation with the
XP installation CD but it won't allow me to start the process. I figured
out how to wipe the HD but when it still won't boot from the XP CD. I
used the recovery disk to reinstall Vista HP 64 bit.

What am I missing here? It just will not boot from the XP CD. I went
out and changed the bios boot feature to boot from the CD drive and it
still doesn't work.