Re: Partition Issue (Adding Vista x64 to Vista x32 1TB Drive)

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Partition Issue (Adding Vista x64 to Vista x32 1TB Drive)

My 1TB drive is set up as follows:

C: Vista x32 IE7 + VMwares 300GB (Primary)
D: Vista x32 IE8 50GB (Primary)
E: XP IE6 50GB (Primary)
F: XP IE7 50GB (Extended)
G: XP IE8 50GB (Extended)
H: Win7 IE8 50GB (Extended)
Unallocated 60GB

I need to put a new Vista x64 in 50GB of the remaining Unallocated
space but keep getting this error when trying to partition/format it:
"Disk Management: You cannot create a volume in this unallocated
because the disk already contains the maximum number of partitions."

I understand that we only get 4 primary partitions. How can i add
unallocated space to the Extended Partition, and thereby make a
partition within it to load Vista x64 to boot up like all the others?

Appreciate any quick ideas. Thanks.
AricCougar > > What's the reason for creating such tiny partitions as 50GB?

For handling an unallocated space you'd have to use
Third party application such as Acronis.
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For information about the Windows Server version of Disk Director,
please follow this link
'Hard disk drive partition manager - resize ntfs server partitions.
Windows Vista support.'

Understood. Okay. I just acquired Disk Director suite 10. I hope it
will solve the problem. And in the future, ill be sure to include all
remaining disk space in the extended partition when im going to be
having 3+1 primary partitions used up. That way i can continue to
partition within it.

To answer your question, 50GB partitions are required for fitting in
all the OS/Browser combinations that we require, while leaving 300GB for
VMWare images of each in the main/first partition. I mistyped, these
are actually 1/2 Terabyte drives not full. That is why there is only
about 60GB left unallocated after the list i submitted above.