Reinstall not working for Vista Home Prem.


I have windows vista home premium 32 bit. Its on a dell inspiron (a
laptop which is a little over a year old). Recently I had to reformat it
due to clutter and possible Trojans on my hard drive. However I cant
seem to get the thing to boot.

-I put in widows vista cd and boot from that
-then hit "install now"
-and choose the "custom" option (not upgrade)
-then I formated all drives (recovery and main c drive)
-and then chose my main drive to install it on
-it does fine copying, expanding, installing features and updates and
then reboots and goes back to that page (of the copying, expanding,
etc... page) and says "completing installation..." with the pulseing
"..." (meaning its still thinking I suppose) and then after 45 minutes
or so it goes to a black screen with a cursor and does nothing else.
-if i try to reboot: it will give me the message for the safe mode
etc...on it and if i choose normal mode it goes to the windows booting
page with the loading bar below it and just sits like that (note: the
loading bar is going across but pauses ever so often like it cant get
over something and never starts).

I have done several reinstallations (with xp and vista) but have never
had this problem before. Any thoughts?



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