Re: HP Recovery discs

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Yes, RalfG you were right ... I am shocked once again ... i just try to
resize my d drive by using EASEUS partition manager and when i explore
the d drive the folder with all of the data is still over there ... but
how to access that data is a big question for me :'(


The only time I had a similar problem, logging in to the hidden administrator account made the files accessible and I could change the ownership and access them from Vista again. It was a while ago, I might have logged on in Safe Mode. One other way that might work is to boot the computer with an OS that does not care about Vista user accounts or security. You could try booting from a "live" Linux CD. If the folder is visible on D: drive you could then copy the files to C: drive or wherever and delete them from D:. Then boot into Vista again and resize D: (dangerous as you can damage the recovery function) or do whatever else you need to do.