Re: HP Recovery discs


Yesterday I want to run a recovery on my hp pavilion 2630ea and for
that was backing up a data ... but run out of space at my flash memory
.... so i just make a new folder next to recovery folder in d drive (my
recovery drive) and stored about 2gb of data in that folder...

before doing that recovery was using 5 gb out of 7.79 and after storing
data only 29 mb was available....

so after doing all of that stupid thing i run a recovery and when i
return back to a windows i was shocked that there was no folder just was
a recover folder and the drive was using the same space of about 7.79 mb
.... its mean that the data is still some where on that drive but i cant
see or access it ....

now i am facing a problem low disk space at d (recovery drive) ... but
the size of recovery folder is only 192 kb ... so whats using the space

i have spoken to hp customer services n they told me that just run a
recovery again using recovery disc and i have done so but no vail ...
got the same low disk space message with only 29mb left out of 7.79 gb

please help me out that how i can recover that data or atleast go back
to my previous stage ????

many thanks