Re: HP Recovery discs

Unless you back up the files you need using safe mode your personnel files will most likely be lost since the recovery disks just reinstall the initial OS that came with your computer.
Do I understand correctly that you have installed the latest ATI drivers from the ATI Website for your graphics card using safe mode and not any drivers from the MS website?

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Thanks, Ralfg...

The Samsung monitor had been running prior to the the hardware failures
on the laptop. When I origianally installed it many months ago, it was
simply plug and play.
The problem arose when I tried to re-install the monitor after I got
the PC back from HP. I tried all the VISTA setup for external monitor
and the ATI setup process to no avail. The screen appeared "elongated"
and the task bar was below the screen frame where you could not see it.
I then started a email string with HP Support and they recommended and
sent directions to do 3 things:
Set bios to default - did not resolve
Update the bios - did not resolve
Update video driver - did not resolve
Of course, updating the bios wiped out some other drivers and my
wireless keyboard and mouse no longer worked anymore so we were just
getting deeper into more issues as well as not resolving the monitor
They then decided they would send me a disc set to re-install the OS/HP
At that point I suggested using my HP Recovery discs, which they did
not recommend. My hope was that I might salvage my contacts as they did
not get re-installed when I ran my backup/restore.
But, as you so aptly noted, no data gets put back when the recovery
discs are used, so I guess I'll wait for the HP disc set to arrive in a
few days and start all over again!
Fortunately I have a back up with a HP mini netbook so I can still do
email and browsing while this device gets recreated.