Re: During install "required CD/DVD drive device driver missing"

swango2002, I have the same Gateway system LX6810 and tried doing the
same thing you did but with a compact flash card. I extracted the files
out of the available downloadable vistax64 drivers off Gateway's site.
however, mine is still failing and says its needing a new updated driver
and to go to the vendors site to find one.. blah blah blah.. This is
using Vista Ultimate. when I get to browsing for the drivers, I only see
2. one raid and one sata and essentially both are referencing the same
file at the same location. Whether I do one by itself or both together.
neither works. Gateway support is useless thus far after 3 contacts via
email even when I try to explain I need instructions on how to reinstall
on a new hard drive a version similar to what came on this unit (Vista
home premium x64)

The only OS that seems to work without a hitch is Win7 Ultimate RC1
x64. Though that seems to get flaky sometimes too after 3 installs its
working so so and I think it might be related to putting the nvidia raid
driver on instead of letting Win7 control it.

If anyone else has ideas to get Vista x64 installed on a fresh SATA
drive, let me know. There is no way to change the SATA settings. its on
or off and RAID Mode full time. I don't see why Gateway can't publish a
simple document on how to do this to get past loading the drivers.

oh and you all might as well forget trying to load XP x32 or x64 as
that BSOD's right away during bootup to the installation. ITs more than
likely a RAID problem too and Gateway doesn't have drivers for that.
Apparently I'll have to wait for the final version of Win7 and tough it
out with Yucky Home Premium for now and test Win7.