Re: need help with boot

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In addition to Ricks advice (before doing it) it would be a good idea to check the hard drive.

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Hey there,

about a week ago i installed Windiws Vista Business. i noticed a couple
of times that my PC jusr restarted itself. other than that it worked
fine up until last night. it all started with intenet explorer. i
couldn't open any website. it said something about corrupted file. so i
figured i'll give it a restart. and then the it wouldn;t boot up
anymore. it says that windows failed to start.... then it says:


status 0xc000000F

windows failed to start because a critical system driver is missing, or

i already tried to do what it said there. it told me to put in the
original CD of vista and click on repair. well that didnt work. it was
repairing over 18 hours and nothing is happening.

any suggestions? plz if u could help me i would really appreciate it, i
have all my work, school stuff = pix on the harddrive i wouldnt want to
loose that.




Yeah, sounds like your hard drive is not in good shape.