Re: Live messenger stopped working after SP2 install

"Enigma_lh" <larshvst@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:0E9AF18A-B802-4B73-AB6E-9833B4941EA1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Messenger doesn't run after SP2 was installed so I uninstalled the complete
Live package restarted and tried to reinstall , but get the message
Couldn' install application and unknown error. 0x80007ee6 Try later I
tried later, I restarted Vista and tried again but no change still the
same.Somebody who knows what the heck this is?

OK, try this...

Delete C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log


If it comes up with components it could not fix...

Copy CBS.log and open CBS - Copy.log

Go and look for "Beginning Verify and Repair" and copy/paste from there to
the end of the file.

Then post it here and we can see what's going on.


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