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Vista service pack 2 update seemed to take forever and
seemed to stop at 11% download. I shut the computer
down, and then it seemed to take forever to "Configure
Updates". So I shut the sucker down and went to bed.
Now I can't even start the download for the SP2 update.
Instead, it times out with the error code 800B0100.
Microsoft's knowledge base on that error pertains to
SP1 and diagnostic software for SP1 problems.
Is there a way to invalidate whatever got started with
the SP2 update and start over?


Depending on your hardware specification and configuration,
it can take an hour or longer for installation BUT downloading
speed depends on speed of your ISP. In my case (20Mb)
it took me about 40 minutes to download SP2 (64 bit) which
a bit larger that 32 bit.

OK, that gives me perspective. But do you have any idea
why I can't download SP2 and why I get error 800B0100?


Sorry Tim, it was my bed-time hence delay in reply...Check this

That doesn't explain why only partial downloads are possible.
I couldn't even download the entirety of the Service Pack Readiness
Tool. After 2 tries, I was finally able to download the entirety of the
Service Pack 2 file by not using Windows Update. But when I run it,
it says that I have to install SP1 first. But Vista came with SP1 pre-
installed, and the computer says it's there. Why does it think that SP1
isn't installed?


Consider this but be careful...-;)
I'd try to install SP1 again even if it is on the CD, and see what
the installer tells you. BTW what version of Windows Installer you use?
Check this link:

I downloaded SP1, disabled Norton AV, ran the SP1 executable,
and it said the SP1 was already installed (which is true).

I Googlec to find out how to find the installer's version, and it is
4.5.6001.22162. IOW, the latest installer (I think).