Re: Vista SP2 install problems

I had the same problem initially with a download from an "unauthorized" web site (lessen here for everyone).

When I downloaded it from Microsoft I had no such problem. I also used the Microsoft File Transfer Manager which checks the download for competency when the download has completed.

"Dracher" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:2702e89bc6c4c1a34ca8e45799bca706@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

First off let me say that I'm in a very rural area that only has dialup
so downloading an update of this size took me about 17 hours.

I downloaded the SP2 using the Updates and yet when I try to install it
I get to "3 of 3" and gets to 100% but then stops there for a couple
minutes and then gives me a message of:

Service Pack Did Not Install. Reverting Changes

I'm currently running Vista Home Basic with SP1.