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I got my new system to work transfering the Vista HD over to my new system. The "new" computer was a a slight upgrade from the previous one (a Dimension 2350 v. my old Dimension 2300). The differences seem to be ddr ram instead of sdram, one fewer card and drive connections and a more powerful processor. Apparently close enough I was able to do a Vista repair install plus a reactivation (because of the new hardware). Either my new machine was only used in a clean room or it was never turned on, because I pulled it apart to look for dust to clean out, and it was spotless.

Paul Riemerman

Paul Riemerman
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My computer just died, with a complex Vista installation on a 250 GB drive. I have a replacement unit on its way, but is there any way to transfer the drive with the Vista install to the new computer and get a working system? My Vista is a full retail copy. I'm now working on XP from my backup machine, an old Dell Optiplex GX200, with a 733 MHZ P3 that's not capable of running Vista. I could reinstall Vista, but would lose an awful lot of data and installed programs.

Paul Riemerman

That should have read Glad you got it going Paul. I appreciate the followup.