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You can do some quick simple things to diagnose a probable overheat problem. As the link below says, pcs that are hot will often power off or restart to protect themselves.

If after investigating, it appears your box isn't overheating and you've done some routine checks to R/o other hdw or cable connection problems, try these:

If you need to repair major components of the Vista OS or can't boot, and
don't have a Vista DVD, you can download the .iso from this link and burn

Download Vista Repair Disk

1) First try 3 options from Startup Repair. If you have a Vista DVD then
restart with it in the drive>press any key to boot from it and run Startup
Repair. From Startup Repair you have 3 good tools with an excellent chance
of fixing your system. If you don't have a Vista DVD from which to boot to
Startup Repair, no problem, Download the .iso from the link below and
burn it, and you'll have the Microsoft Vista Repair Disk with Startup

Download Vista Repair Disk

How to Use Startup Repair from the Vista DVD or the Repair Disk you make:

2) If Startup Repair does not get your Vista back, then use the 3 bootrec
commands from the command prompt available on the Statup Repair Menu:

The menu I refer to is in this set of directions with a grey background.

Those are:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd

3) If my second option doesn't work, then try System restore from the
Startup Repair list.

4) If by rare chance you have an actual Vista DVD, you can put it in, boot
from it>choose the Upgrade Option>choose your current broken Vista Drive and
try to do a repair install with the Vista DVD.

How To Perform a Repair Installation For Vista

5) If the above 3 tools don't work, then use the 4 tools available by
restarting your pc and tapping F8 once per second to get to the Windows
Advanced Options Menu.

From this menu click on 3 Safe Mode links to use System Restore. Make sure
you try all 3 if one doesn't work, because just one of them may work.
Tap F8 to Reach Windows Advanced Options Menu Pictured Below:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command: At the prompt you would type the command to use
for system restore at the safe mode cmd prompt is:


If these 3 tools don't work, you have one more you can try which is Last
Known Good Configuration.

Good luck,


"Paul Riemerman" <priemer55not@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:epbyBqz2JHA.3812@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Drive is readable. Might be an overheating problem, system shuts itself down without fully booting. My 0 drive (not the one with Vista on it - Vista's on the 1 drive) after the system shut down problem once gave me a message that the 0 drive's smart circuitry indicates trouble.


"Chad Harris" <Win7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:u3Gatkz2JHA.1416@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Paul--

Forgive my being slow. Do you mean the HD has failed, or that you cannot boot?


"Paul Riemerman" <priemer55not@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OxMSQTy2JHA.4416@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My computer just died, with a complex Vista installation on a 250 GB drive. I have a replacement unit on its way, but is there any way to transfer the drive with the Vista install to the new computer and get a working system? My Vista is a full retail copy. I'm now working on XP from my backup machine, an old Dell Optiplex GX200, with a 733 MHZ P3 that's not capable of running Vista. I could reinstall Vista, but would lose an awful lot of data and installed programs.

Paul Riemerman


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